Word document generator (for Windows and Mac)

Word document generator (from Excel data) ($ 47)

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With this Excel application you can generate Word documents based on data from Excel table. It is similar to Mail Merge functionality in Word but it creates separate Word document files.

It works on Windows platform with Office 2007 or higher and Mac platform with Office 2011 or higher.

How to set up Excel application and Word document?

  1. Prepare your data you want to use for generating Word documents in a table format (Excel)
  2. Create main Word document you want to use as a template for other documents (does not need to be saved as template).
  3. In the main document select places where you want to put variable data from Excel table and name them as Bookmarks.
  4. In Excel application connect your table columns (fields) with each Bookmark in Word document.
  5. Define how you want file names to look like. Word document file names will be based on data from particular columns separated by separator you choose.
  6. Define file location for Word documents to be generated and file name of the main Word document.

After you set it all up, you can open main Word document, press “Create Word files” button in Excel and watch Word documents being generated.

You can buy it for $ 47

For version you buy there are no limits regarding number of rows of data to be used. Of course, in case of bugs you will get fixed version as soon as possible. All your suggestions regarding new functionalities are welcome.

In case you need version for Excel version prior to 2007 version please contact us.

Your feedback

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are appreciated. With your input this product can become better!


drazen (at) excelalacarte (dot) com


This version can be used in Office versions 2007 or higher and in Office 2011 for Mac or higher. Macros should be enabled.


No software product is free of bugs and problems, and although this one is no exception, there is a significant difference: you will get timely answers to your questions (typically within 24 hours) and you will get frequent new builds with bug fixes.

Thank you and enjoy Exceling 🙂