Send e-mails from Excel via Outlook

Send e-mails from Excel via Outlook ($ 47)

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Send e-mails from Excel via Outlook_ver_1.5


The main purpose of the application is to send e-mails from within Excel table, usually with the same subject but with different attachments for each recipient. You just have to define paths to files you want to send.

Why would you use it?

When you have many recipients to whom you want to send e-mails with the same subject but with specific attachments to every one of them then it’s much quicker to use this tool. It especially shines when using with “Export & Merge Excel workbooks” Add-In. This way it’s easy to produce files for each recipient and send it via e-email. It’s very useful when you do it on a regular basis. Table approach to sending e-mails from Excel give you far more control and flexibility and saves your time comparing to manual sending.
You can send up to 3 attachments to one main recipient and to 7 Cc recipients. Of course if you want you can adjust each subject and body text to fit your needs. Otherwise, subject and body text will be the same for each recipient you send e-mail to.

You can buy it for $ 47

There are no limits regarding number of recipients. You can even divide all e-mails to be sent on one or more worksheets if you want and send them one by one to avoid e-mail server overload in case of lot of e-mails.

Of course, in case of bugs you will get fixed version as soon as possible. All your suggestions regarding new functionalities are welcome!

Your feedback

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are appreciated. With your input this product can become better!


drazen (at) excelalacarte (dot) com


This version could be used in Excel versions 2010 and 2007. After download, please save the file to some location on your disk and just start using as you would use any other Excel file. Macros have to be enabled in order for the application to work properly.

In Excel 2010 choose File tab, Excel Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings…
Here you can choose to “Disable all macros with notification” so while opening Excel file containing Macros you could choose to enable or disable macros.


  • Excel 2010 version
    • File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings…
  • Excel 2007 version
    • Office button, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings…


No software product is free of bugs and problems, and although this one is no exception, there is a significant difference: you will get timely answers to your questions (typically within 24 hours) and you will get frequent new builds with bug fixes.

Thank you and enjoy Exceling 🙂